Using an open source ERP software for your NGO

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If you think that running a non-profit organization is easier than a traditional business you are in for a surprise.

From looking for members to logistics and getting good work done it can be a handful for most individuals.

There are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations in America which are made up of churches, private foundations, charities, civic leagues, and more.

Each organization faces challenges in operations like gathering resources and distribution and everything in between.

There are stringent multinational regulations that need to be complied with and you need to manage financial systems, administrative systems across countries and cultures.

Making everything run smoothly can be a daunting task.

NGOs know that if anything goes wrong with their management it can negatively impact those they serve.

Make NGO management easier with Prosper ERP.

Benefits of using Prosper ERP for your NGO

Studies show that 60% of individual donors look for proof that an NGO is making a positive impact before making a second donation.

To achieve this, NGOs should know how to apply the latest technologies available like a modern ERP solution.

Here are the benefits your NGO can get from using Prosper ERP:

  1. Easier Management

Nonprofits need to run smoothly to help bring any change to the people they serve. If an NGO is poorly managed, lacks resources, and is out of funds they won’t make an impact in society.

The internal accounting and reporting processes in an NGO is complex and hard to manage due to limited funding and resources.

The good news is, there are technologies like ERP solutions that can make management of funds, donations, events, members and volunteers easier and simpler. 

Our monthly subscription plans are more affordable than investing in an off the shelf ERP solution but you get the same benefits if not more.

Prosper ERP can help nonprofits know their financial health at any time from anywhere. 

This is based on accurate data and real time information. You can easily monitor KPIs and come up with reports and audits for analysis.

  1. Accountability

With access to accurate data in real time, NGOs can make better decisions moving forward.

You can track grant expenses and centralize all documents in a single archive.

A nonprofit receives funds from various sources, these need to be managed based on the law and guidelines of the land.

Prosper ERP can help manage funds and ensure that they are compliant in all aspects.

Stakeholders and staff can easily access data from their mobile devices from anywhere at any time. 

Generating an accurate report on funds, donors, and collections can be a tedious task when done manually. It can take weeks or even months to gather all information and come up with a report.

An ERP solution can handle reporting in a minute or two based on data that is accurate and updated.

  1. Efficiency

While a nonprofit may not have customers or deal with manufacturing processes and inventory management, they do have large rosters of donors, volunteers  and members that they need to manage.

An NGO also need to maintain books and create reports for stockholders and external parties.

A single software that can streamline all your processes will make your staff more productive and efficient.

You get rid of manual checking and reporting and replace them with paperless approval processes that are faster and more accurate.

Membership tracking is not an easy task. An ERP software helps you keep tabs on members and inform them if their membership is about to end.

NGOs work with volunteers and donors all year. Prosper ERP also allows you to keep information about your donors and volunteers in a single location where members’ info are also stored.

This removes the need to access different systems when information is needed adding to more efficiency and productivity in the workplace. 

  1. Event Management

Fundraising tactics that may have worked in the past won’t fly today. The old method of proposal writing, door to door collections, direct calls, and corporate partnerships may not be as effective as before.

The trend nowadays is to organize special events for fundraising. This is an outreach program that can serve multiple purposes for an NGO.

You can help raise awareness, raise funds, and allow donors to engage with beneficiaries.

Special events may include Movie premiers, Art exhibits, Sports events, and Marathons. These should be fun and exciting events that are able to raise donations for your nonprofit.

Nonprofits keep afloat through donations.  An ERP system can help with marketing campaigns through email and social media to help keep the funds rolling in.

Employees can manage fund raising events and projects all on a single platform. 

Talk with an ERP expert and ask for a free demo today.

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