Prosper ERP is a modern open source ERP solution for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry

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Wholesalers and distributors play a crucial role in product distribution. With the advancement of technology, there are now opportunities to scale up and make processes more efficient.

Today’s consumers have embraced technology and they use their mobile devices and the internet to purchase a whole range of products online.

Food, grocery items, clothes, shoes, you name it. Products are now ordered with just a few clicks and delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep.

There’s no doubt that the online business and distribution industry have merged together in this day and age.

Companies in the distribution industry need real time data to deliver their goods on time and to the right location.

How can you accomplish this? An ERP Retail software.

Old school ways and processes are now obsolete, data shows that 92% of wholesalers and distributors are using an ERP software.

Today’s businesses can’t live without a business management tool that can simplify all aspects of the business like production, inventory management, accounting, and so much more.

Advantages of using an ERP software for Wholesale and Distribution Business

Being in the distribution business, this is a common scenario with your operations: 

  • You source products from suppliers
  • Keep products on stock until sold
  • Deliver products to customers

The process may seem simple, but wholesalers know that any issue that arises can cause a ripple effect and impacts the whole business.

When something goes wrong like running out of stock or your delivery van has a flat tire, your ERP system can alert you in real time so you can resolve the issues at once.

Software has been a big help for distributors and Prosper  ERP has taken the bar to the next level.

Here are the benefits of investing in an ERP solution for your organization:

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Distributors no matter how large or small, face the same challenges like rapidly changing customer demands, supply chain fluctuations and complex product inventories.

A modern ERP solution like Prosper ERP gives you the ability to efficiently manage your distribution process.

With real time visibility when it comes to inventory availability, costs, transit, and reorders, managers can cut down on delays and other issues.

You can track thousands of orders easily while minimizing running out of stocks. 

Automated order processing saves time and gets rid of delays. The software also allows you to handle credit, returns, and drop shipments across multiple locations.

This efficiency results in higher customer satisfaction.

Talk with one of our ERP experts today to know more.

  1. Warehouse Efficiency

An efficient warehouse results in more profitability. Prosper ERP features a Warehouse Management module that allows you to streamline your distribution process.

You can handle inventories and use tools like barcode scanners and mobile devices to speed up your tasks.

Distribution companies track plenty of activities and products.

Having a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on is an advantage for your business. An ERP solution allows you to check on what’s happening on the shop floor, know how many stocks you have, manage capacity, assign tasks, and so much more.

With real time data easily accessible, your warehouse increases productivity due to enhanced delivery schedules. 

  1. Inventory Management

Distributors would agree that inventory is the foundation of a distribution business. When you run out of stock in your warehouse, what can you deliver to your customers?

Handling your inventory manually also makes things harder and wastes plenty of time.

Automated inventory management allows managers to track and manage data across multiple warehouses.

Prosper ERP provides inventory management tools that offer paperless transactions and tracking of shipped and procured items from various locations.

With a steady supply of goods coming in, you can distribute accordingly. An automated purchasing and ordering process is a great tool in supply chain management.

Ask our ERP experts for a free demo today.

  1. Remove Data Errors

Just like any other business, distributors need accurate data to make sound financial decisions. 

If you are one of those companies who still use paper and spreadsheets in your data management and operations, you should start upgrading your systems today.

Some companies, on the other hand, use different softwares to handle their data which can lead to data repetition and errors.

Prosper ERP can eliminate these issues by giving you complete visibility and security of your data all on a single platform.

Distribution companies need to focus on logistics. Armed with the right tools and accurate data, logistics issues will all be a thing of the past.

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