Prosper ERP is a modern open-source ERP software that’s built for the Education Industry

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Technology is meant to simplify our lives and not complicate it much further. If you are an educational institution, we know how hard it is to manage students, teachers, courses, and academic programs.

The competition is fierce in the education industry and everyone is on the lookout for new technologies that can help leave the competition behind.

Prosper ERP gives you the latest open source ERP that’s designed for the education industry.

Stand out from the rest by having all your critical information in a single integrated system.

The education industry plays a huge role in teaching the next generation.

The schools of today are more complex to run and manage efficiently. 

Simplify the way you run your school, college, or university with one of the best ERP softwares available in the market today.

Why Do You Need Digitization in Educational Institutions?

Educational institutions of today are bombarded with data and the old pen and paper approach  of handling data just doesn’t cut it any longer.

Students coming in and those going out every year involves tons of data that need storage for future reference.

With every department interlinked with one another, collaboration is key to success.

An ERP software can help manage all your school related tasks and make them easier with digital data.

Prosper ERP automates every vital function of your educational institution from admissions, HR, fees, exams, payroll, recruitment, student information, document storage, attendance, and more.

You’ll be amazed that streamlining each and every function of your business is simpler and easier.

Update real time records of students, faculty and administration staff and gain access to real time data from anywhere at any time with Prosper ERPs education module.

We enable schools to go paperless and centralize all functions in a single platform.

Talk with one of our ERP experts to learn more or ask for a demo.

Functions of an Educational ERP Software

As mentioned earlier, technology can simplify lives but the wrong implementation of technology can be stressful and chaotic.

If you use various softwares for example to run all your business processes at your school or university, you’ll get into trouble fast.

Integrating all your systems alone will cost you an arm and a leg and it doesn’t mean that they will all mesh well together.

An ERP system handles all your departments and helps manage your students life cycle from admissions to course completions.

Here are the functions of an ERP system for Educational Institutions:

  1. Make Admissions Easier

The admission process in schools is a complex and tedious undertaking. It involves inquiry, form sale, form submission, application, and document submission to name a few.

This long chain of tasks involved in admissions lead to delays and errors when done manually.

Prosper ERP can integrate all of the steps involved in the admission process to make your work easy and simplified.

100% of data is used and stored in a single solution which means no need for data re entry, less manual mistakes, and access to real time data.

  1. Streamline Exams

Our open source ERP software has complete features to handle the examination process in your school.

You can handle exam operations like exam center set up, staff allocation, exam execution, exam results, and distribution.

Added features include the choice of marking you want to use and a grading system.

An automated system for examination management can lessen the stress for students and faculty.

  1. Better Teacher and Student Experience

Automation makes life easier for teachers, students and admin staff. This gives them time to rest and focus on other areas of their lives.

The balance and harmony created results in better students and teachers which increases the overall productivity of the educational institution.

  1. Help With Finances 

Prosper ERP can help with the schools finances as well. You can control payroll, scholarships, fees, and sponsorships all on a single platform.

Fee collections can vary every year and without an ERP system can be complex and difficult to manage.

Manage them better with Prosper ERP.

With a single click, you can easily access all your financial records or generate all types of reports complete with receipts, bills, outstanding payments, settlements and more.

If your institution plans to scale up or open new branches, you can easily replicate the system and process in one branch on to the new branch.

Your Education ERP can be implemented in multiple branches with ease.

  1. Transportation Management

Larger institutions have a fleet of vehicles used to transport employees and students as needed.

The number of vehicles may grow yearly and you can simplify management with our ERP solution.

Use functions like GPS and RFID to check the live location of buses and store information of drivers and vehicles. 

Ask one of our Education ERP experts for a free demo today.

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