Prosper ERP an latest open source ERP for the Services industry.

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If you want your services company to run better, Prosper ERP can help you achieve this goal.

Know more about your prospects, set up subscription plans, build relationships with current clients, manage multiple projects, and more with a modern open source ERP software.

There are certain challenges that services companies encounter more than a product based business.

Pegas Technology Solutions provide services as well so we are all too familiar with the issues that companies in the services industry face daily.

We recommend Prosper ERP to help run your services business without having to spend on multiple softwares for each aspect of your business.

Our ERP solution can help streamline all your business operations by providing a custom solution that fits your specific needs.

Advantages of using ERP software for Your Services Company

Are you tired of all the difficulties you encounter running your services business? Does your current software give you headaches and problems with integration?

It’s time to consider the latest ERP system and re evaluate your processes. If your delivery of services is inefficient, imagine the waste in time and resources.

You may lose clients and worse they can get picked up by the competition. 

To be able to deliver the best services possible, people centric companies need an ERP solution that fits their needs and requirements.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are the goal of every service based business. Prosper ERP provides a platform where you can check the status of a project at any time from anywhere.

Our software can foster better communication across multiple projects from various locations improving the collaboration between personnel involved.

All of the data you need can be found on a single location which means you can help the right clients with the proper service in real time.

Ask our ERP experts for a free demo today.

Increased Productivity

Access to real time and accurate data helps your staff acquire and transmit the needed information for better decision making.

Employees can identify issues and resolve them faster. A services provider handles plenty of clients in different locations and the ability to communicate progress and address issues goes a long way to improve productivity.

Prosper ERP can give you a unified reporting system where statistics and statuses can be seen and communicated across the company which allows the proper departments to respond accordingly.

This removes the need for departments to produce or ask for data and send them to the department concerned.

Better Data Management

A study from Mint Jutras shows that 55% to 74% of service companies still rely on spreadsheets and manual paper documentation in managing their operations.

This proves that many businesses in the services industry still think that they can make do with old solutions that have kept them afloat until now.

This old and outdated system is prone to errors and does not give the safety and efficiency that digital data provides.

Using old school methods won’t cut it in today’s highly competitive business environment.

It’s time to implement an ERP solution for better data management and security.

Talk to one of our ERP specialists to find out the best solution for your services company.

Help Desk

It’s common for a services company to get more complaints than a product based organization.

Prosper ERP has a Help Desk feature to help you manage and organize issues.

Deliver the best service experience with an easy to track workflow for all your customer’s issues.

Issues need to be resolved immediately and the lack of response can lead to the loss of prospects and customers.

Ask about our Help Desk feature today and stop losing customers.

ERP for Auto Services Industry

Maintaining quality is critical to the auto services industry and an ERP can be a useful tool. Prosper ERP can help you monitor maintenance and quality checks in real time.

There are so many benefits an ERP system can provide for your organization like getting detailed historical data involving your supply chain, production, inspection, genealogy, and usage.

You also store all the data in a single location for future reference.

ERP for Hotel Services Industry

Giving the best service to customers is essential for those in the hotel industry. With an ERP system, you can manage all the data about your clients so you can serve them better at any time.

With access to real time information, you can answer queries faster like room availability, check in and check out protocols, billing calculation, delivery options, and more.

Our open source ERP solution can help you achieve “best in industry” experience for customers. 

A title that all hotel owners would want for their organization.

Want to know more? Ask an ERP expert for a demo.

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