Agriculture business management has never been this easy with the open source ERP software

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In some countries, agriculture is the backbone of the economy. From manual methods of the past, technology has now crept in and has automated many of the functions in the farm.

The use of a modern open source ERP software for Agriculture benefits farm owners in various ways.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can manage all farm activities?

Technologies like ERP have helped farms become more productive and efficient. 

The reason why many farm owners find it difficult to manage and grow their business is due to old and outdated systems like spreadsheets and paper documents.

Modern agribusiness calls for a scalable and intelligent solution to farm management and ERP is your best bet.

Paperwork can be reduced or eliminated totally. Switching to digital data is more secure and easier to manage.

With new technologies available, agricultural businesses of all shapes and sizes can leverage these tools to be competitive, reduce costs, and maintain profitability.

Prosper ERP is your best choice in open source Agricultural ERP.

Contact our team of ERP experts so that they can review your business and recommend the best ERP solution for you.

Here’s what you can expect when you implement our ERP system for your agricultural business:

Streamline Data

The importance of accurate data for your agricultural business can never be overlooked. You use data to make major decisions that hopefully will make your agribusiness profitable and sustainable.

Crop yields, production costs, and maturity dates are just some of the elements you need to come up with a successful business plan.

The problem with many companies in the agribusiness industry is the reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets to manage and store data.

These outdated tools are time-consuming and can lead to data errors.

With too many spreadsheets to analyze and inaccurate data on hand, you’ll be making wrong decisions quickly.

Prosper ERP provides a single location to store and retrieve all your critical data. You can share data in every area of your business in real-time.

Reports are compiled in an instant with just a few clicks. With accurate data, you can now make informed decisions to move your business forward.

A Single Solution for All Areas of Operations

Proprietary software can cost a fortune for most farmers. This leads to some buying software that does part of the job and uses manual systems to take care of the rest.

It won’t take long before they realize that this system won’t work and may cause bigger problems down the line. Piecing together different software that are not compatible with each other can be a nightmare.

Disconnected systems are time wasters and can lead to less productivity. Your employees will only be stressed out when using various systems to manage their tasks.

With Prosper ERP, you can run your entire business from accounting, finance, crop production, distribution, and supply chain management all in one platform.

You can easily track products from farm to shelf, ensure food safety, and provide reports that can improve decision-making.

Helps With Compliance

There are many regulations and compliance requirements regarding sales of agricultural produce.

ERP helps keep track of all these requirements and generates the needed documents when needed without error.

Agriculture industries worldwide are now investing in the latest technology that can increase productivity and reduce costs.

Today’s consumers often ask about the source of raw materials to know if what they are eating is clean and safe.

Agribusiness owners need to track the seeds they use plus the fertilizers and pesticides utilized to grow the crops.

Prosper ERP can help track products from source to table.

Livestock Tracking

There are plenty of animals you need to track on a farm. Cows, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, and more.

Prosper ERP can help track their location in real-time, help you know their health condition and when they are due for processing.

You can even find out certain details like when the animal was born? How much food did it eat? Did it take medicines for a disease?

Technology is making its way into farming and agriculture. Livestock management has never been this easy.

With such a system in place, your farm would run smoothly. You can also track what’s going on with each animal from your mobile device.

Get in touch with one of our ERP experts and ask for a free demo today.

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