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Let our ERP experts and project managers build your Prosper ERP system for you. Our Pegas Technology Consultants can transform your processes for increased ROI.

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Analysis and Consultation

If you want your ERP implementation to be successful you need 3 factors to work together: people, processes and technology. When you use Prosper ERP, our Pegas Technology Solutions Consultants spend time analyzing your processes, documenting them and looking for areas of improvement.

Understanding a business and the team involved is crucial in building a successful ERP system. Our experts will ensure that you get the most out of your system. We can help in maximizing your business systems to their full potential. We have extensive experience with open source ERPs and we want our clients to experience how powerful it can be.

ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation is no joke, it is a difficult process wherein you need to coordinate and manage all moving parts.

At Pegas Technology Solutions, we have tons of experience in ERP implementation for small and medium enterprises.

Our process uses a technology solution that is aligned with the companies’ processes and capabilities.
We will set up workflows and configuration of modules that meets your specific requirements.

We can ensure that your ERP Implementation is a success.

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ERP Customization and Development

ERP software is designed to minimize redundant data entry and speed up your business processes. With ERP integration you can improve your business by centralizing data and making collaboration easier. It can make you do more with less.

Pegas Technology Solutions specialize in connecting Prosper ERP with the products you use. We can provide an APi for custom integrations with Google, Stripe, Dropbox, Paypal, Shopify, Slack, AWS, Exotel, Plaid, and WooCommerce. Give us a call today to discuss your integration needs.

ERP Support and Maintenance

Pegas Technology Solutions provides the tr aining your staff needs so that they can solve minor issues on their own. A well-trained staff can also help unlock the full potential of your ERP system. Our ERP technicians help maintain your systems and keep them updated. For seamless operations we closely monitor and configure your ERP to prevent serious downtime.

When something is not right, the issue should be addressed by a professional immediately before it turns into something serious down the line. Since ERP systems affect plenty of aspects within a business, proper care and maintenance is a must. We understand how crucial ERP systems are for an SMB and our team is ready to support you and maintain your systems the best way we can.

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ERP Migration

As technology evolves, small and medium businesses need to modify and enhance systems to stay ahead of the competition. Migration of your ERP system is a huge decision for your company that takes time and resources to accomplish. 

Finding a proven and trusted partner is vital for success. Our ERP consultants can deliver and support migrations by working directly with your data owners to make employee onboarding seamless.

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