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You can reinvent your sales and the supply chain with our open-source sales and purchase tool. Manage sales orders, suppliers, customers,  deliverables shipments, and order fulfillment in one open-source sale and purchasing ERP.

Our exciting features

Prosper ERP is simple, scalable, and designed to allow you to focus more on your business rather than on the technology that runs it.

Everything in a glance

Customizable dashboards provide a rapid overview of all critical performance data.

Track Changes.

Evaluate every transaction by monitoring every change using audit trails.

Automate Processes

Save time by automating invoices,  journal entries, bank reconciliation, and other tasks.

Real-Time View Of Your Purchases And Sales

ERPNext centralizes all vital sales and purchases information.
Dashboards display critical performance metrics pertinent to corporate processes at a glance.
With customizable accounting dimensions and dashboards, it is now possible to analyze every aspect of your organization in a single location.


Item Variants

Businesses must manage thousands of product variations with varying colors, finishes, and shapes. The primary item is recorded in ERPNext as an item template, whereas each variation is stored as an item variant.

Track Serial Numbers

The Serialized Inventory function of ERPNext helps keep a real-time view for your product availability and stock across multiple locations. You can even use a serial number to trace an item throughout its entire lifecycle, from purchase or manufacturing through sale and delivery. Scan barcodes with the camera on your device for lightning-fast searches and faster results.


Manage Lots

Maintaining manufacturing and expiration dates, analyzing item expiration dates, etc., is simple with ERPNext’s integrated inventory management system. You can also configure automatic batch naming, allowing your staff to focus solely on procurements and sales rather than batch ID maintenance.

Multi-Channel Sales

It is straightforward to link ERPNext’s products, customers, and sales orders with third-party sales software, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon MWS. It only takes four clicks to streamline sales and make your life easier.


Elegant Print Formats

First impressions are crucial. Custom print format templates (using HTML or Jinja templating) and one-time configuration can enhance quotations and maintain immaculate and consistent papers.

Effective Marketing Tools

Our open-source CRM platform expedites the conversion of leads.
Use email campaigns for targeted marketing, send beautiful newsletters to your consumers in bulk, and reap the rewards of your campaigns through a thorough analysis of lead sources.


Journals And Payments

Maintain a tidy and precise ledger to prevent account-closing mismatches. Track income and expenses (deferred or accrued), configure alerts for the period end and manage cash flow. One transaction can record and reconcile advance payments.

Accounts Receivable

Track the amount your clients owe you about the sales invoices you’ve already issued them. You can import your current accounts receivable information using the Opening Invoice Creation tool.


Unified, Tracked Emails

You can avoid losing essential messages by syncing your email accounts using ERPNext. With a consolidated history of all correspondence and auto-replies for incoming emails, you can rely on streamlined contact with all stakeholders (internal project team members or external clients).

Promotional Schemes


Never before has it been easier for large-scale retailers and distributors to manage discounts or margins depending on rate or amount. You can control item discounts for multiple parties or situations via promotional schemes. Promotional schemes will automatically alter price regulations.

prosper-erp-sp-promotional-schemes (1)

Vendor Management

ERPNext includes tools to warn about or block RFQs and Purchase Orders. Your supplier’s currency can differ from your business’s, and our software will handle all exchange rates and conversions.

Supplier Portal

Utilize the supplier portal to aid suppliers in self-management. Suppliers can request quotations, receive automatic supplier quotations, and view active purchase orders and receipts. Suppliers can also generate purchase invoices for orders they have fulfilled. The invoices can then be reviewed for final approval.


On-the-fly Customizations

Create your open-source software for sales and purchasing. Add custom fields to your forms to map your most essential data. Customize form behavior by automatically retrieving values, hiding fields based on user roles, and generating specific print formats without writing a single line of code.

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