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Utilize the Agile project management tool incorporated into ERPNext to keep your teams operating efficiently and your customers pleasantly surprised.

Our exciting features

Prosper ERP is simple, scalable, and designed to allow you to focus more on your business rather than on the technology that runs it.

Organize Work Efficiently

Deconstruct big projects into manageable tasks and delegate them to your teammates. The system automatically adds these items to your team's to-do list.

Manage Related Tasks

Set dependencies between tasks and determine the completion order. Manage these dependencies using the Gantt chart and view information such as task owner, dependency type, status, time lag, and due date.

Project Budgeting

Enhance profitability with budget projections based on current project status or historical data. Receive alerts when budgetary criteria are exceeded and view data comparing projected versus actual expenditures.

Simple Invoicing

Using timesheets, you may monitor the amount of time spent on a specific task. Track resource costs and bill your clients. View detailed reports on time spent on a particular project.

Project Automation

Avoid wasting time on tedious tasks. Create recurring tasks within the system and allocate them automatically to the appropriate stakeholders.

Identify Important Tasks

Determine which tasks must be accomplished first to fulfill the deadline. Gain total project visibility with the Gantt chart and enhance your planning.

All-In-One Workspace

Maintain a clear perspective of project deadlines and progress to keep track of both. Plan for prospective tasks, utilizing projections based on previous projects, and more accurately anticipate timeframes.


Track Timelines and Tasks

The ERPNext project management application provides Agile project management features. Gantt charts offer an expanded picture of project milestones. Obtain real-time project information and work efficiently with several teams to maintain momentum. Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of a project based on its scope, priorities, expected timelines, and milestones.

To-Do List & Real-Time Chat

Never before has open-source project management been so comprehensive. All team members can remain abreast of the project’s development. They can communicate in real-time to keep things going swiftly. Create and assign tasks with relative ease. The tasks will be added automatically to each individual’s to-do list.


Document Storage

Users can upload, distribute, and store multimedia items such as photographs, videos, and documents using ERPNext. Uploading and storing files directly in ERPNext is possible, or they can be saved as web links and arranged in ERPNext. Find your project-related papers quickly and efficiently to maintain progress.


Maintain communication between your customers, vendors, and internal staff throughout the process. Configure email notifications for any user type or system action with ease. Create HTML-based templates for various sorts of correspondence. In addition to enhancing revenue with upselling and follow-up possibilities, automated email workflows boost productivity and the user experience overall.


Profitability Analysis

ERPNext is a centralized hub for lean project management. Use the same method for tracking project budgets and spending as you manage activities. Create budgets and cost estimates for each project phase and monitor their progress closely.

Time Monitoring & Billing

Streamline tracking by creating actionable items — the actions for projects and tasks based on what must be completed. Capture resource expenses and invoices to gain insight into the project’s profitability. Link work to payroll directly to process salaries immediately.


On-The-Fly Customizations

Develop your own open-source project management application. Add custom fields to your forms to map your most essential data. Customize form behavior by automatically fetching values, hiding fields based on user roles, and creating unique print formats without writing a single line of code.

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