ERPNext For Agriculture Based Business.

Receive crop, plant, soil, water, and weather analytics. ERPNext allows you to record orders and invoices in addition to manage your crops.

Manage all your fields and crops with one system

Record all tasks associated with crop management, from large operations such as plowing and harvesting to tiny yet crucial information such as crop and row spacing. Define the timeframe for each operation, and then store the appropriate resources, items, and byproducts.

Our exciting features

Prosper ERP is simple, scalable, and designed to allow you to focus more on your business rather than on the technology that runs it.

Crop Cycle

Create bespoke cycles for planting, watering, and harvesting. Add the sites where each cycle occurs. Notate the occurrence of any diseases, and the measures to combat them will be incorporated into the crop cycle.


Recording the field temperature, degree days, pressure, humidity, dew point, and precipitation at every place will allow you to keep track of these and other variables.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Establish and maintain service standards. Define customer expectations, priority levels, and covered and uncovered items. SLAs can be configured to apply to issues automatically.

Water Analysis

ERPNext makes it simple to track water analysis, just as soil analysis. Document the water's composition, collection, testing, and result time. You can also log actual, minimum, and maximum numbers to detect irregularities.

Soil Analysis

In our open-source farm ERP, we can also track soil analyses. Record soil collection, testing, and result time, and then log actual, minimum, and maximum soil content values.

Soil Texture

Whether you plow sand, silt, clay, or loam, you must record the soil composition of your area. You can examine minute data such as organic matter density and composition.


Plant Analysis

Analyze the plants or crops at a specific site by keeping track of the collection, testing, and outcome time. Then, record the actual, minimum, and maximum plant content data to discover irregularities. 

Sales And Purchase

ERPNext allows you to manage your customers’ whole subscription billing life cycle. Invoice your clients and pursue receivable payments via payment requests and email/SMS notifications. You can also develop custom bill print templates in Jinja/HTML and configure transaction processing defaults.


On-The-Fly Customizations

Create your agriculture ERP software from scratch. Add custom fields to your forms to map your most essential data. Customize form behavior by automatically fetching values, hiding fields based on user roles, and creating unique print formats without writing a single line of code.

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