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Enterprise Resource Planning FAQ'S

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP software is designed to help organizations manage their business operations and streamline processes.

It can simplify complex business tasks like order taking, scheduling, tracking raw materials, and compliance reporting.

If you have a few employees onboard, you need some form of ERP to help make things easier for your company.

Almost all businesses no matter how large or small would want to leverage technologies such as ERP software to streamline operations.

Pegas Technology Solutions ERP software is ideal for industries such as: Services, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Agriculture, Distribution, Non-Profit, and Healthcare to name a few.

Get in touch with one of our ERP experts for a consultation for you to find out if our ERP solution works for you or not.

Prosper ERP makes your processes more efficient and more profitable. Our ERP system will streamline your data and procedures to help you save money in every aspect of your business.

We provide training to benefit employees and make them love their jobs even more.

On site ERP solutions are installed on your company’s servers and maintained by your staff.

Cloud based ERP software saves you from expensive upfront costs and helps your IT staff focus on their daily tasks.

You get high level security, real time analytics, and fast and reliable hosting from your provider.

Internet access is all you need to get all the data and information you need at any time from any location using any device.

Cloud vendors offer ERP solutions as subscriptions which saves you a ton especially for SMBs

An open source ERP solution is perfect for small and medium businesses since ERP systems cost from $75,000 to $750,000 to implement and maintain.

At the fraction of the cost, SMBs can have the same capabilities as their larger counterparts in the industry.

Before there was ERP, MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software was the norm for manufacturers.

MRP kept track of parts and components needed to complete orders. It soon evolved into ERP where other aspects of business were integrated like financial, sales, and production.

Accounting FAQ'S

At this moment, Prosper ERP does not support standard cost accounting. If your company requires standard costing, you can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Yes, Prosper ERP can connect with your bank account and import all your transactions.

Yes. Prosper ERP features an accounting module that integrates other areas of the system in real time.

You can customize dashboards and configure accounting dimensions to suit your needs. The module has a chart of accounts, payments, journals, billing, payment requests, pricing, auto invoicing, and banking.

If you want to add a feature we can customize one for you.


We need to see your current implementation of SalesForce. Having a robust CRM software in place may work for you and we may or may not recommend moving your CRM to Prosper ERP.

Our software offers a customizable CRM and it would be ideal if your company has not implemented a CRM yet.

Yes. Prosper ERP has the same email functionality as your mass email softwares. You can use our software to send custom emails for lead generation and product promotions.

Implementation FAQ'S

We can implement Prosper ERP in as little as a month or up to 6 months depending on how large your requirements are.

For hardware requirements, you need to have workstations, mobile devices and barcoding peripherals for your Prosper ERP setup.

Your current hardware will be compatible with our ERP system.

If you need additional hardware, Pegas Technology Solutions will inform you and provide recommendations.

Upon complete implementation, Pegas support team will be available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

  • Call us or email us for concerns.
  • Our support team will provide assistance within an hour of your request.
  • Limited support is available after hours, weekends and holidays.
Pegas will always keep your Prosper ERP software up to date and give you access to any new features as part of your monthly subscriptions. For software customizations and integrations, extended service may be required.
  • Our team offers the following:
    Perfective maintenance includes ongoing adaptations to keep your systems running smoothly
  • Preventive maintenance involves quality assurance to ensure systems grow along with your business
  • Corrective maintenance includes bug fixes and malfunction remedies
  • Adaptive maintenance services help keep systems updated.

Pricing and Billing FAQ'S

Get in touch with one of our ERP experts today. You’ll be surprised at how affordable our rates are for your SMB.

We give our clients the choice to transfer to another provider at any time. Pegas Technology Solutions requires no contracts or lock-in periods for our Prosper ERP solution.

At Pegas, we know that client’s frown on hidden costs. We offer the same affordable rates for all businesses across the board. If your system needs customization or complex integrations, we will provide a quote for your consideration. The good thing about open source is having flexibility to choose who to work with. You can pick other providers for certain projects or use your internal IT staff if they can handle the job.
Pegas accepts ACH, checks, and credit card payments.

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