Prosper ERP Is An Holistic Software To Cover All Your Busioness Processes.

Empowering your workforce by automating complex processes can go a long way in increasing productivity and efficiency. Collaboration is made easier across your entire business ecosystem with Prosper ERP.



No matter what size of operations you have, manufacturing is a complex process that benefits from an ERP software. To keep a business running you need to maintain shop floor control, manage resources, and finances daily. As you scale up, these responsibilities grow larger which makes it more difficult to manage using basic spreadsheets and tools. Here are the manufacturing features that come with the Prosper ERP software:

Asset Management

One of the reasons you use ERP is to combine all of your company’s activities into a single database. Asset Management is important because it helps you increase the lifespan of an asset and boost its performance. ERP is the jack of all trades when it comes to software and with asset management capabilities you get better value than having a single asset management software. Here are the features that come with the software:


Customer Relationship Manager

CRM is one of the pillars of ERP and it consists of sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer support. With good CRM you can develop and implement a strategy for handling interactions with former, existing, and future customers. Using your CRM system database and integrating it with your ERP system optimizes your organization’s growth opportunities.Here are the CRM features that come with the Prosper ERP software:


Accounting departments are an essential part of any organization. ERP systems from Pegas Technology Solutions can help our company streamline your accounting needs by integrating your data. With easy access to data, tasks can be done quickly and with greater efficiency. Prosper ERP for Accounting gives your accountants a clearer perspective of all areas of your business and helps owners make faster and more accurate decisions that impact your company’s operations. Here are the features that comes with the software:

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Sales and Purchasing

Prosper ERP software can help you organize a wide range of sales processes. Our team at Pegas Technology Solutions can implement a system where you can automate transactions, track expenses, monitor product and sales personnel performance. Same goes with your purchasing orders, payables, sales receipts and analytics.

Help Desk and Issue Tracker

If you want to raise your customer service to the next level, Prosper ERP has everything you need in one place. Get real-time insights, team support and more all included with the software. Delivering a better service experience has never been this easy.


Project Management

Help your project managers track plans and schedules based on valid data coming from the company’s system. An ERP system can be the backbone of your project management system. You can get real-time data and make decisions quickly instead of waiting for a month or so using the old systems.

Human Resources and Payroll

Our Prosper ERP software helps you manage your human capital and payroll. You get hiring tools that can streamline the hiring and keeping of employees. All your employee information can also be easily exported to the accounting module for payroll tasks.


Website and Ecommerce

As online businesses continue to flourish, an ERP solution can help increase your productivity, retain customers and boost revenues. The high-speed operations in eCommerce businesses will surely benefit from Prosper ERP.

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