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Customers and sales are the lifeblood of any business. It’s not surprising that they are at the heart of ERP systems as well. If you have a sales-driven business, an ERP system can make your processes more efficient and can have a huge impact on your ROI. Pegas Technology Solutions are excited to offer a solution that can improve sales and marketing strategies and streamline your business sales process.


Real Time Dashboard

Prosper ERP gives you all the critical sales and purchase data in one location real time. Knowledge is power as Sir Francis Bacon would say, and this applies to ERP systems. A real time sales dashboard gives you quick and easy access to valuable information about sales and purchasing on a single screen. Now you can make informed decisions based on concrete data instead of insights.

Without an ERP software, it would be hard to get the data you need from various platforms and softwares. A real time sales and purchasing dashboard can help provide clear, reliable and up to date information so you can make important business decisions when you need to. A sales dashboard gives information on the sales performance of an individual or department. It shows where they stand based on the goals set by the company.

Item Variants

Item entry is one task that can be very stressful to undertake especially without an ERP system in place. A product variant means you have the same product with different features. Variations may be due to size, color, or other elements. If your business deals with a large number of items that can be customized or differentiated, item entry can be a nightmare.

The good news is Prosper ERP by Pegas Technology Solutions has an Item Variant feature that can simplify the whole process for you. Managing thousands of products in all shapes, colors and sizes is now easier with ERP.


Track Serial Numbers

Retail firms stress out when it comes to serialization. Implementing product serialization can be a massive undertaking that can be costly for many and SMBs don’t have the budget for it.

Prosper ERP allows the use of barcodes to track and monitor serialized inventory. Manage your warehouse inventories without the stress with our ERP system.Get in touch with one of our ERP experts today.

Manage Lots

Prosper ERP lot management module allows you to identify each ingredient of a product and track its movement. This is essential in some business sectors where lot management is mandatory. The software allows you to create batches and use batch naming to manage lots of goods.

You’ll know manufacturing and expiration dates, stock levels, identify defective products, all on a single page.Products can now be traced end to end, from manufacturer, supplier and customer.


Multi Channel Sales

Managing multi channel sales can be a challenging endeavor. Your business has more moving parts compared to single channel sales companies.You need to manage stock across multiple channels or from multiple locations, coming from various suppliers and shipping to different locations.

Prosper ERP can integrate with your platforms like Shopify, Amazon, MWS or Woocommerce with just a few clicks. This allows streamlining of operations and helps you enlarge your reach. Make your life easier and sales smoother with our ERP software today.

Custom Invoicing

With Prosper ERP, you can view ledgers for any account in the system. Gain easy access to cash flows, income, and expenses with just a single click.

Why not record and reconcile your payments and transactions while you are at it.

Our ERP software provides a template where you can input all your accounting transactions.


Accounts Payable and Receivable

These are two important modules under the finance segment of our Prosper ERP software.

For accounts payable, you get the functionality to enter, monitor, maintain, and process invoice payments and credit notes that your company receives from vendors. You get easy access to data about account balances, invoices, and payments.

The accounts receivable on the other hand allows you to help track all invoices that are awaiting payment from customers.

Customer Access

Every business should value their relationships with clients. With Prosper ERP, you can give your customers an update about your project status, scan invoices and allow them to raise support issues.

With customer access to your ERP, your clients will love the ease of engaging with your business while they await the delivery of your services.


Documents Storage

Project documentation can be a tedious task. Prosper ERP makes it simple for everyone involved by giving easy access and built in uploading and sharing features for images, videos and documents.

Our document management solution can help your business save time and money plus it is the eco-friendly option thanks to paperless documentation.

Having a central storage for documents, notes, and all files related to a project will benefit you and your team.

Vendor Management

Data is what drives most businesses today and it has become vital to have all the needed data in one place. This improves the efficiency of a business especially when managing vendors. Effectively managing vendors and suppliers is no easy task. If you don’t have a central place to communicate, keep contracts and work plans things will be a chore to manage. Prosper ERP can help in vendor management by helping you streamline your operations and scale your vendor management process. You can centralize vendor information and input important details like contacts, pricing, documents, status, and meeting notes all in one platform.

Stock Replenishment

If you are one of those businesses with a busy warehouse, stock replenishment is critical especially due to the lightning fast order fulfillment from the fortune 500 companies. Prosper ERP makes it easy to start automating some of your stock and selling processes, allowing you to get more out the door.

We can help you prevent stock outs with our automatic material request feature. This helps replenish your inventory at the right time and lower the chances of going out of stock.

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