ERPNext Project Management Features

Project Management is essential for most small and medium enterprises. Prosper ERPs project management tool helps keep your teams working efficiently and while giving your customers a great user experience.

Prosper ERP provides real time information about your project and can help allocate resources for project completion. With ERP, projects can be handled more efficiently and decisions made based on accurate and real time data.


Time Tracking and Billing

It may sound cliche but the phrase “time is money” holds true. Keeping records of the time your team spends on work is equally important as knowing your revenue and expenses.For most projects, you bill customers for the number of hours worked for them.

Prosper ERP helps provide accurate invoices which benefits you and your customers. Knowing your team’s performance and efficiency helps you figure out what needs to be optimized. You can easily connect to invoicing so they can be automatically generated from each time sheet.

Profitability Analysis

When you start a business, one of the main reasons is to make profits. Earning more than you spend is an accomplishment every business owner wants to achieve.

Analyzing profits helps you keep track of your business performance. Prosper ERP makes it easier by tracking budgets and expenses. Business owners can now have a 360 degree view of a company’s profits so you can make projections and adjustments accordingly.


Track Tasks

Prosper ERP has the tools to organize all aspects of your team. Track your time with timesheets and monitor progress with dashboards and reports. Having an efficient centralized system where you can track tasks easily with just a few clicks is good news for project managers.

You can track progress and manage your team’s workload for better efficiency and productivity. When you know how occupied your team members are, you’ll know how to distribute tasks better across all projects.

This ensures that nobody on your team is overworked and everyone is on track with their assigned tasks.

Document Storage

If your business information still uses paper, have you considered the consequences in case of an emergency like a fire or flood? Studies show that more than 70% of businesses would fail in three weeks if they faced a huge loss of paper based records due to an unfortunate incident.

Prosper ERP gives you document storage for your projects that are safe and secure. Looking for your project related documents has never been easier since they can all be found in one location. Our open source software allows you to upload, share and store multimedia files like images, videos and documents.


Real Time Chat and To Do Lists

Our open source project management tool has a real time chat feature that allows team members to stay connected all throughout the progress of the project.

They can get in touch on the fly to keep things moving forward. Easily create and assign tasks to the team and have them appear in each member’s to do list. Collaboration has never been this fun and easy!

Customer Access

Prosper ERP allows external users to see project status, report bugs, view accounts and get updates from you. Our customer access feature also records and stores all your customer interactions for future reference.

Give your customers a great user experience. They would love that they can access information and communicate directly with your company all without having to wait in line or pick up the phone. Get a free demo from one of our ERP experts so that you can accelerate your business.



Communication with your customers is essential for your small and medium enterprise and having an ERP system that has email capabilities makes project management easier. Prosper ERP allows you to integrate your emails so that you can send them to your clients directly from the platform.

You can categorize messages to keep customers, vendors and internal teams updated on the progress of a project.

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