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If you are making custom items or mass producing, you need a system that guarantees efficiency, output and reduces waste to zero as much as possible. Our cloud-based ERP gives your staff the ability to access important data at any time from any device. This gives your firm exceptional agility whether you have a remote workforce or people who work across the globe.


Bill of Material

One of the most critical pieces in an ERP manufacturing software, a BOM contains your list of items and their quantities required to manufacture an item. You need a bill of materials to create work orders and job cards. This system enables you to construct quantity or percentage relationships between final product, bulk batches, and raw materials. With Prosper ERP, you have the ability to create and maintain a model of your assembled products and generate costing scenarios.


There are instances where a company needs to outsource certain types of work to other companies. Subcontracting is a common practice by manufacturers who may subcontract certain components for a complex product. If your business outsources some of your processes to a third party supplier you can track this by using the subcontracting feature of Prosper ERP. Using our software, you can now know the value of sub-contracted goods based on the cost of procured services and raw materials.

Production Planning

A production plan comes from a detailed sales forecast based on market demand and company resources. A good production plan must consider all aspects of manufacturing an item from the start. It should predict where things may go wrong and how to get through with it without harming operations. Using ERP software helps you make an efficient production plan that ensures a smooth workflow, lower inventory costs, increase production capacity, and increase customer service levels.

Supply Chain

Our Prosper ERP supply chain module automates critical business processes and provides a shared database for all financial and operational information in the organization. When it comes to the supply chain, the software tracks each step of movement of supplies and goods all throughout the supply chain. It can also help you manage any materials or products returned for refund or replacement.


Batched Inventory

Prosper ERP simplifies the management of batched inventory. With a real time view of product availability, you get to see each batch’s manufacturing dates, expiration and other important details.

Scan item barcodes using your device to easily find stocks and make data driven decisions.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is crucial to operations since it ensures that capacity is available when needed.When you are drafting future production plans, capacity planning ensures that these plans are viable and notifies you if you need to turn on additional capacity.

With Prosper ERP, you can improve the accuracy of planning and help lower costs while preparing for future expansion.


Stock Replenishment

Going out of stock can be a nightmare for your business operations. Prosper ERP helps you automate your material requests when your stock level goes below your reorder level.

In this way, inventory is replenished at the right time, avoiding the possibility of going out of stock.

Quick Stock Balance

This is a tool you can use to retrieve the current quantity and value of an item in a specific warehouse on a specified date. It helps a lot during audits and when you need to verify stocks before making new purchases.

Serialized Inventory

Take your inventory to the next level by using our serialized inventory feature. When you have a busy warehouse, having an organized system is critical. The key is knowing what you have, where it is, and whether it’s taken or not at all times. Without a system in place you run the risk of losing inventory, overstocking, and overselling, to name a few. With serialized inventory features in your Proper ERP software, you can avoid such scenarios from happening. When you use multiple serial numbers on your items, you get an edge over the competition.

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