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Human resource management is an inevitable part of a small and medium enterprise. ERP systems help SMBs manage their administrative tasks and save HR staff time and effort in daily tasks. Your HR staff can record responsibilities and achievements in real time as well as assign employees to tasks and projects all in just a few clicks.


Talent Acquisition

Attracting and acquiring the best talent available is a key step in maintaining a company’s position in the marketplace. Finding and hiring the right people affects the future success of an organization. Picking the wrong employees can result in poor productivity, bad decision making and demoralized staff.

If you want stability in your business, do things right with the latest open source ERP software. Prosper ERP provides a talent acquisition process where you can track applicants, plan manpower requirements, do background checks, schedule interviews, publish job openings, review email applicants,and store documents all in one platform.

Employee Repository

Managing employee information can be tedious and time consuming because of the need to track external documents. If you are still using a manual system, you are also prone to errors especially when you are handling a large number of employees.

Security is also a major concern when handling your database manually. As an HR Manager, wouldn’t it be great if you can manage all the information, upload and share multimedia files in a single and secure platform?


Employee Training

Prosper ERPs Employee Training Module helps keep your employee’s skills updated all the time. You can easily schedule training events which are linked automatically with your employee calendars, making sure that everyone is on the same page. Companies need to train and develop employees by using programs to enhance one’s skills.

It is common for a workforce to have some who lack certain abilities to function efficiently. Dealing with the weak links in the organization helps the company bridge the gap and improve productivity. Wouldn’t it be great if your employees understood all the safety practices and proper procedures needed to carry out their tasks? With proper training, an employee’s confidence is built up as he gains a better understanding of the industry and role he plays for the company.

Key Performance Indicators

Measuring results is one way to ensure growth for SMBs. Today’s organizations are now keeping track of their sales, staff productivity, and now in the personnel and talent department. KPI is a good tool to measure results of specific actions. You can use it to evaluate your employees and know about their success and shortcomings.

You will appreciate the built in appraisal module and dashboard of essential HR KPIs. Keeping track of your employee’s journey is now a breeze. The platform also allows you to process salary hikes and bonuses for top performers. Contact Pegas Technology Solutions today for a free demo of our ERP KPI module.


Automated Payroll

Data from the American Payroll Association shows that payroll automation reduces processing costs by as much as 80% due to error reductions in invoicing and paychecks. Not so long ago, HR staff generated individual pay slips when payday came along. It was such a hassle for employees with so many spreadsheets and papers to deal with.

Technology has streamlined the payroll management process with automatic payslip generation. You can now make an employee list and control their salaries in a structured way. Paying people accurately helps you comply with the law and keep track of people who are late. SMBs who have enough employees wherein manual systems won’t work anymore would benefit from Prosper ERPs automated payroll module.

Expense Management

Prosper ERP can help managers view all employee expenses on a single dashboard. Managing expenses, travel requests and employee advances have never been this easy. Manual expense management is now a thing of the past. Paper tracking using receipts and handwritten notes are outdated and prone to errors.

ERP software can now be used to track and monitor employee spending with less errors and provide faster reimbursements. Employees don’t like to wait a long time before they get reimbursed. When it comes to spending, accuracy and easy auditability is essential.


Automatic Attendance

A good manager needs to track employee attendance and see how they are performing. Being absent all the time needs to be addressed.

Prosper ERP allows you to save time, effort and money by automating attendance tracking. We have the best open source ERP software that can capture real time attendance and integrate it with payroll and leave management.

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