ERPNext Help Desk Features and Open Source Help Desk Consulting and Development.

As your business grows your email inbox can become swamped rather quickly. ERPNext provides you with the right tools in place to keep track of issues and provide the best customer support as possible. Take your customer support to a whole new level with the best open source ERP software from Pegas Technology Solutions.


Real Time Insights

The latest ERP solutions provide access to data in real time. This helps you make informed decisions when it comes to help desk problems and issues that you need to address. Our real time insights feature allows you to respond to issues faster

As industries grow, technology can help supercharge your business with data and analytics all in one location. This helps you make smarter and informed decisions that aren’t based on static data. Thanks to Prosper ERP, you can deliver the best customer support using the latest technologies.

Omnichannel Interactions

With Prosper ERP, you won’t miss any support calls from your customers from now on. All your customer interactions are easily converted to data so that your team doesn’t have to use different apps. This ensures seamless customer support across multiple channels.

Our open source ERP software allows you to capture tickets from emails, chats, and webforms and deliver support from a single platform. Your team will surely love Prosper ERPs help desk module as it saves them time and reduces repetitive tasks. Agents can efficiently work through their tickets and switch between channels seamlessly.


Automated Ticket Assignments

When your employees are happy, your customers will be happy as well. No one wants to deal with grumpy and overworked customer support agents.

With Prosper ERP, you can reduce manual work and keep workloads balanced by automating ticket assignments among your team.

This gives more time to respond to concerns and give the best customer support service to your clients. Ask for a free demo from one of our ERP experts today.

Customer Portal

Prosper ERP has a customer portal feature where your clients can manage their accounts, view them, pay their invoices, submit support issues, place orders, and solve account queries at a time when it’s convenient for them.

Customers love having an open line of communication with their favorite shops and having a personalized interactive service for your help desk can boost your customer satisfaction and retention ratings


Knowledge Base

The purpose of a help desk is to solve issues for both your customer and employees. Our ERP system allows you to create a knowledge base to make things easier. You may have heard the phrase “knowledge is power” and when you apply it to your help desk process it can enhance and improve your business’ performance.

Prosper ERP has a knowledge base feature that allows your help desk support team to work on more complex issues that need their attention. Ticket loads will be reduced dramatically as customers can browse through help articles and FAQs on their own. Customers want answers quickly and what better way to give them answers to basic queries than through a knowledge base. When a ticket is opened for something that is addressed in your knowledge base, they are directed to it first.

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