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Prosper ERP comes with an eCommerce website off the bat. This gives you the power to customize your website and align it with your brand.


Responsive Websites

Everyone can be caught scrolling down their cell phones these days. It’s common to see people take their laptops and mobile devices with them when they go out. In an era where we get instant access to information, today’s mobile workforce expects access to real-time company information. ERP on mobile is here to address this need.

Prosper ERP knows the importance of mobile friendly websites in today’s digital marketplace. You can customize the appearance and layout of your website so that it will look great no matter what screen size your viewers use. A responsive website works well across all devices, using various layouts, font sizes and spacing.


Blogging is a time tested way of attracting new prospects and getting new leads. Prosper ERP allows you to publish high-quality content which allows comments and responses for better audience engagement.

Build relationships with customers by providing the latest and useful content in your industry.



Anyone who owns a website wants to rank high on Google. Prosper ERP allows you to optimize your website’s SEO to get more leads and conversions. There was a time when ERP software only catered to large corporations with huge budgets. It was a complex and expensive software that needed plenty of technical support.

Our SEO feature helps you expand your reach and engage your prospects.


Prosper ERP software comes with a website builder and online store builder combined. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, eCommerce seller, you want your business to grow. Scaling up your business means you have to deal with more complex operations which comes naturally with growth.

Simplify everything by managing your processes all in a single platform. From the checkout process to shipping, ERP can keep your customer in the loop. Our ERP solution allows you to connect your processes, procedures, and data to make your business more profitable. If you are considering an ERP solution for your ecommerce business, Pegas Technology Solutions can help take you to the next level of productivity and efficiency.


Website Chat

Customers love companies that they can engage with instantly. Prosper ERP has a website visitor chat feature so you can communicate with your prospects faster and hopefully close the deal. A website chat improves customer experience and lets your staff build relationships with your prospects and existing customers.

A company that responds faster to a lead will make a better impression and has a better chance at converting. Failure to respond at once may lead your customer to a competitor who has a faster response time. Get in touch with Pegas Technology Solutions and ask an ERP expert for the latest demo.

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