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Pegas Technology Solutions gives you the best open source CRM tool that can help you accomplish more in less time. With Prosper ERP, you can get leads, boost sales, automate tasks and engage with your prospects all in one location.


Automate Daily Tasks

As your business grows, it becomes harder to keep track of all the information and data. Leads get lost in the shuffle and sales people don’t have access to updated customer information.

Say goodby to manual lead distribution by automating daily tasks using Prosper ERP. This makes your team more efficient and empowers them to focus on reaching sales targets

Omnichannel Interactions

With plenty of sales channels at present, the demand for data control has never been higher. With Prosper ERP, you can centralize and streamline data in an effective way to support your business workflow. You also get the ability to update change of data in real time on all selling channels as well as devices.

All parts of the business need a unified data source to accomplish specific missions or demands. Sales people need data from inventory staff to know the exact quantity available. Unity of data will be maintained all the time which will lead to better customer experience. Shoppers can keep track of their orders which is a plus in their shopping journey.


Sales Team Efficiency

Collaboration and monitoring is made easier to enhance your sales teams’ efficiency. When your sales team has access to the right information and can deliver them at the right time the chances of making a sale become higher.

Sales departments without an ERP module can miss out on sales and lose opportunities when they don’t have access to updated and accurate data. An open line of communication is essential in maintaining business relationships.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can track customer info and trigger relationship milestones that can help keep constant communication between your sales team and their customers?

Lead Management

The competition in the digital marketplace is fierce. As an SMB you need to be one step ahead of the pack in order to survive. With so many choices available for the consumer, the company with the right product who reaches the customer first are the ones who most likely will close the sale.

With Prosper ERP, we make lead management more efficient. We also include a robust follow up feature that you can manage on a single dashboard.


Total Visibility of Sales Pipeline

Prosper ERP gives you a real time view of vital sales and marketing opportunities. This helps your business devise a strategy to increase conversions based on leads generated. If you get a clear picture of the demand and other opportunities through the pipeline it can help you predict required leads to hit annual targets

Many organizations struggle with poor pipeline management and visibility. Effective sales pipeline management can boost your company’s growth rate by 15%. Get in touch with our Pegas Technology Solutions’ ERP experts to know how we can apply

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