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What is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? And why should your business take advantage of it?

If you are already certain that your business needs an all-in-one enterprise solutions system, you may skip this section. Today, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) confront many of the same challenges as major corporations. Among them is the planning and management of their resources. Small and medium-sized businesses confront comparable problems but have fewer resources

Prosper ERP is your best open-source alternative to proprietary ERP software.

As companies expand into multiple locations worldwide, business owners need to ensure that their ERP systems are able to support and enhance their respective operations.  When a business runs operations in different locations across the globe, the choice of an ERP system is a big challenge than usual. At times, you need to run different

Five Benefits of Integrating ERP and CRM Data

Corporations are turning to contemporary enterprise software to upgrade outdated and combined fragmented systems. Enterprise software, such as customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems, enables businesses to access precise, real-time data only if these two systems are integrated. What do CRM and ERP mean? Before we delve into the benefits of system integration, let’s

Three Applications of Data Science for Every Business!

Data Science is more accessible than it was in previous decades due to developments in data science tooling, standardized data, and the availability of data in abundance and with relative ease. Predicting attrition, forecasting demand, classifying customers, and identifying clients in photographs is feasible and more accessible than ever. Modest model construction and testing could