ERPNext Asset Management Software and Open Source Asset Management Consulting and Development.

ERPNext is the industry leader in open-source asset management software. It has everything required to monitor the lifecycle of your assets.

Our exciting features

Prosper ERP is simple, scalable, and designed to allow you to focus more on your business rather than on the technology that runs it.

Recruitment & onboarding

Streamline your hiring process to attract top candidates.

Employee lifecycle

Manage your employees' complete lifespan, from hiring to retirement.

Performance management

Define goals and evaluate performance to engage personnel.

Workforce management

Always be aware of the personnel requirements for existing and future projects.


Make payroll less of a headache for everyone. Create and modify salary structures, maintain compliance, and settle payments.


Control shifts, auto-attendance, vacations, and overtime. Configure the leaves and credit policies.

Asset Lifecycle

All information concerning assets can be found in this location. The asset lifecycle, generated following the purchase or receipt of an asset, contains every possible answer, including the asset’s status, custodian, location, warranty and insurance, depreciation and depreciation schedule, asset transfer, scrapping, selling, and movements, among others. It is transparent and pristinely clear, as all things ought to be.


Asset Inventory

ERPNext’s integrated inventory you can conveniently manage all asset-related data. Batch or serial production? Pick your poison. Scan barcodes with your device’s camera for lightning-fast searches, quicker outputs, and data-driven decisions based on your assets’ availability, location, and other attributes. When an asset is acquired, the system automatically produces an asset record based on the item master information.

Purchasing Assets

Purchase receipts or purchase invoices are used to acquire assets. The system instantly builds a record for the asset based on the item master information. The depreciation techniques, schedule, and insurance information can be modified with a few clicks. Asset acquisition is streamlined through a one-time configuration.


Selling Assets

You can quickly sell assets you no longer need with a few clicks. There is no cost associated with maintaining accounting records, as the system will generate journal entries automatically, making the process quick and straightforward.

Automating Asset Depreciation

Accounting for assets that are automated eliminates the trouble of human depreciation entries. Configure depreciation schedules for various asset categories, observe the software automatically calculate the depreciation amount or dates and generate accounting entries.


Scrapping Assets

When an asset is no longer required, it can be discarded with a single click. Our asset management software handles the accounting inputs, so the process is always efficient.

Asset Value Adjustment

Using the Asset Value Adjustment tool, it is possible to record a rapid increase or decrease in the value of an asset. The system will generate journal entries and compute depreciation amounts based on the entered re-adjustment values.


Asset Reporting

Using reporting features, identify bottlenecks, monitor performance, and enhance service delivery. Standard out-of-the-box reports and simple custom report creation empower you with data-driven analysis for better decision-making.

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