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Having extensive experience in the ERP software business is one of our advantages over the competition. We have seen it all when it comes to ERP customization and implementation so nothing takes us by surprise. Our specialists leverage their expertise to provide clients the best solutions for their ERP needs.

From inception, design, implementation, maintenance, support and training, our ERP experts have got you covered. Allow us to be your one-stop shop for all your ERP requirements which makes things simpler because you only have to deal with one company without complicated licensing. 

ERP systems are expensive and not all SMBs can afford off-the-shelf solutions. This is why we have come up with an open-source solution that is more affordable but provides the same benefits as the high-end solutions found in the market today.

Prosper ERP has proven to increase efficiency and profitability and gives an opportunity for growth. A robust open-source ERP solution is a game-changer and we would like your company to experience it for yourself.

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Proven Track Record

You can check our long list of satisfied clients who are owners of small and medium sized businesses.

Client satisfaction is one of our specialties and our growing customer base is a testament to the effectiveness of our ERP solutions.

We have the experience and expertise to work with all sorts of clients from different industries.

We understand that there is no one size fits all solution for ERP requirements. Our ERP experts can customize a solution for your specific requirements.

Our ERP consultants understand that the success of an ERP system lies in the people who will use the system.

We provide training about the functionality of Prosper ERP so that your company can reap the benefits of the system.

Employees will not “learn over time,” with ERP the learning curve is prolonged without the proper training.

We explain why the tools are needed and show the benefits of the ERP system versus the old methods used.

If your employees resent the new software or don’t have an understanding of what it can do for the business and their tasks, they won’t have an incentive to master the tools.

Imagine the time lost if employees had to consult about every single function of an ERP solution whenever they come across an issue?

Proper training solves this issue and makes your staff better equipped to use the software for business tasks.

ERP support and maintenance is one of the most important aspects you should consider when choosing an ERP services provider.

Some companies may leave you hanging after ERP implementation and that can be a nightmare for your SMB.

Pegas has different levels of support that we can provide our clients.

As issues crop up, it should be brought to our attention immediately so that it can be addressed at once and avoid the problem escalating down the line.

Our team of ERP experts will go out of our way to ensure total customer satisfaction. We respond quickly when issues arise and prioritize serious issues that can affect your company’s bottomline.

Companies often face problems involving inaccurate and inefficient processes. Our ERP solution can align all your business processes for maximum operational efficiency.

Prosper ERP is an open source software solution that can address the various needs of companies in different industries.

We can work with companies and create unique solutions that cater to a specific industry.

If there are any bottlenecks in your systems, our ERP experts will find them and make a solution to clear them out.

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