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As companies expand into multiple locations worldwide, business owners need to ensure that their ERP systems are able to support and enhance their respective operations. 

When a business runs operations in different locations across the globe, the choice of an ERP system is a big challenge than usual.

At times, you need to run different systems in different countries. 

The bad news is, when a local office chooses a different system, you spend more and may encounter difficulty that comes with running different systems.

Having a common system running in all locations globally is an ideal scenario and Prosper ERP can make that happen.

If you want to avoid headaches down the road, you need to pick an ERP solution that is not only the best choice for you today but one that will be easily integrated when you expand globally.

Picking the right ERP system for your global business is a tricky process, ask one of our ERP consultants for advice and get a free demo.

How To Choose The Right Global ERP For Your SMB  

Companies that achieve success locally often think about selling abroad. The global market has unlimited opportunities and going in this direction can impact your ERP systems.

Having an ERP solution that can be applied to foreign branches and locations seamlessly would be the ideal scenario.

Migrating to a Global ERP system is a big leap for most SMBs. Having the right solution and partner will help your business achieve your targets.

Businesses are growing and expanding at a rapid pace. Companies that will stand out are those who are willing to embrace new technologies that can make things more efficient.

Choosing the right ERP system to manage all your business processes across multiple locations is key to achieving success on the global front.

Handling Currency And Taxation

Prosper ERP is a modern open-source ERP solution that can handle multiple currencies and tax systems. It has all the latest functionalities and features that can work in a global setting.

We understand that currency exchange rates are crucial when your business goes beyond borders.

In some countries, VAT and GST apply but you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered.

Our ERP solution can be used in the country where you operate and will also work in any other location you might expand into moving forward.

You can easily address regional differences on a single platform. Changes in tax rates, exchange rates, and business regulations can be implemented in our ERP system.

Ask our ERP Global experts for a demo today.


When you operate on a different continent, your local staff needs a system that will show data in their native language.

We can assume that top management at your foreign branch may speak English but how about your employees at the warehouse?

Prosper ERP can be implemented in the native language of your subsidiary. Training materials and manuals will also be provided so that everyone will be on the same page.

Local Support

No matter how great your ERP system is, there will always come a time when your staff will need support when things go wrong.

Supporting a system that runs across multiple locations can be challenging.

Our team at Pegas Technology Solutions is up to the task.

We not only help you implement your Prosper ERP system in your international branch but we also provide a support team that can handle all your issues even if you are in a different time zone.


When you operate in different parts of the globe you need an ERP system that can be customized to your specific needs.

Local employees would perform better if they had their dashboards in their native language.

Currencies should also be localized and updated when needed.

Prosper ERP has a multiple languages and currency feature and allows business customization based on global standards and requirements.

As your business grows, we grow with you. 

If your business has a local on-site ERP running, Prosper ERP can be integrated without any problems. Our team of ERP experts can help you with the implementation process.

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